Hello, World!

So there it is, my second blog in my life. Yes, yes the second one and no, no you don’t want to know what was the first one about 😉

I’m going to describe some of my work, my own thoughts, and perhaps your own tutorials and ideas from my development experience, especially in JavaScript and object based programming languages such as PHP, Java, C++, Ruby On Rails and more. I’ll focus mainly on web-developing, at least in the beginning, because I see the future in the mobile browser-based applications, where it counts the mere fact of having a web browser and the device being able to handle it. Who needs an operating system, office software package, e-mail, instant messaging, and even 3D games? All of this, in all the most current version, you can still get from our Firefox, Chrome, Opera and the $#@!#$^*# Erm … Internet Explorer. I haven’t seen EA “Crysis” game on the browser, but nothing stands in the way and make it once did.

But back to the point, where I was at the beginning of this post. My interests dosn’t end at development. I want this blog to be my tropical island, a plece in the web where I can relax, whatever it be good music from youtube, photos, games or even some interesting news from those “social networks” I use, we’ll see… :)

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